do the custom shops still make flying V's? when i was fiddling around with the custom shop menu they only have the basic kits which do not have flying v shapes
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hmm the link always takes me back to the select your country page...lol
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Yeah, it does that now because Carvin changed their pricing. It used to be everything was done through the American site and they converted the American price for the guitar over to whatever currency is used in each coutnry, but a few months ago they chanegd it so they could fix the prices in certain countries. This means you now can't buy a Carvin guitar form any site other than the Carvins ite made specifically for your country. It also means the prices have gone way up for most countries. For example, here in the UK you used to be able to buy a Carvin Telecaster with a lot of custom options for about $900, which would equal about £650. Now even the basic Telecaster they make costs at least £1200 and with the same custom options as before can easily cost over £2000. They've basically tripled their prices for the UK for no other reason than just because they can. Most other countries have had their prices increased a lot too. That is why they have locked the websites so you can't see the American website anymore, it's so you have to buy from the site made for your country so you are forced to pay the much higher prices.

Honestly for anyone outside of America, Carvin are overpriced and worthless now.
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I just thought, if anyone from somewhere other than america wants to go on carvin's website just google "american proxy site" and use that to access carvin, that will make carvin's sever believe you are from america and then you can see the prices.