Would it be possible to run 9vdc over a TS or TRS cable like phantom power for microphones? I am planning a preamp and fuzz onboard my guitar. I'm thinking a small plastic project box that then splits the audio (to amp) and power (to wall adapter).

Is this possible and if so can i get a schematic for it?

Thank you in advance.
I'm not sure what you're trying to ask here. When you're talking about cables it's not the voltage that matters but the current.

And you're talking about using TS/TRS cables with a phantom power box, when these actually work with XLR-cables.

From what I understand you want a cable to go into your guitar, which is internally split into a source for your preamp/fuzz and the other part for your signal itself right? Wouldn't it just be better to work with a 9V battery like active pick-ups do?

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Voltage and currrent both matter with wires, but in this case TS won't have anywhere near the voltage that a wire is rated at.

That being said this is entirely possible to do.

I would wire it up so that the Tip is the signal connection, the sleeve the ground connection, and the ring the +9.

I'm not sure if your gonna have any interference with this, my guess is no due to the fact that its a DC voltage and there will be relatively low current in the signal wire to induce ac like noise. You would connect the negative of the 9v adapter jack to ground, so you need 1 Stereo Jack and 1 mono jack to do this.
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I had this same idea a bunch of months back. I asked my dad about it (an electrician) and he said there'd be no problem with carrying the current, but couldn't tell me what kind of noise it would induce.

I'd use it for doing the 18v trick to my LTD without having the battery tugged under some crummy lid. Plus, I hate the battery clip that's used for the existing battery, so a strap-mounted double battery pack would be very handy. Also, I'd have a 9-18v adjustable adapter for the practice room where it makes less sense to use wireless.
I've implemented this in a few circumstances, it works great. you shouldn't get any noise unless you flip 9V and ground or something. I'll grab my wiring diagrams, 1 sec.
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voltage doesnt matter with the actual wire, only with the insulation thickness. for all intents and purposes, voltage is meaningless in this case isnce it's only 9v. if you want proof, go look at the spark plug cable in your car. the insulation makes the wire look huge, but strip the insulation back and you'll see a single hair-thin wire handling all those 50,000 volts.

anyway, TS, you prolly could rig up a stereo jack in the guitar and the stereo cable into a "Y" box where the tip and sleeve go to the pedalboard/amp and the ring and sleeve go to the 9v power source.

then inside the guitar use the tip and sleeve like normal and the 9v/ground comes from the ring and sleeve respectively.