Hi, im wanting to record my bands practice. Im not bothered about it being perfect, its just so we can listen back and discuss what may need improving and seeing how we sound etc

Would this setup work??

We practice in quite a large practice room and only the vocals go through the p.a system. I was thinking if we taped 2 microphones to the wall as far away as we could and connected them into the mixer and then used the tape/aux out connection on the mixer could we record to a laptop with this??


it might work, but i tried recording with my band at practice once and the drums drowned everything out.
Personally i'd try putting everything through the PA, micing up drums, etc, and then maybe record from the mixer? thats only if you also have sufficient ways of monitoring it.
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^^ that may be an expensive way to go but may work perfect if your good at it!

other way would be buying a Recorder. erm zone recorder?? or whatever they are called. like a Dictaphone with stereo condenser mic!! oh wait it's called Field Recorder!!! the yuse it to record live situations and stuff. i think that'd work! still you'll need a couple of hundreds of dollars
The best results you'll likely get on a tight budget is to simply buy a small tape recorder and stick it in the corner of a room.
Well we dont have to buy the mics as we have spare 1s, we have our own mixer and speakers its just we dont have any subs to put the backline through yet so micing everything up isnt possible yet!
Just thought putting 2 mics through the mixer to a laptop would be the cheapest option as it would mean i would only have to buy that phono connector!
We've tried a field recorder but it didnt work!
Putting two mics in a room won't give you good results really. The drums are just too loud and overpower everything else. I tried something similar once just as an experiment, and set up 5 mics around the room, and you could hardly hear anything other than drums.
you could get two piezo boundary mics and put them on the walls.

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what i would do is set eveything like it would be at a gig one guitar amp at each side of the drummer and a bass amp set up 2 condenser mics preferably OHMNIDIRECTIONAL a spaced pair
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