i found the halo theme song tabs for guitar but my guitar only has 22 frets so i need another version of halo but not including the 22 frets

if you know what i mean and it is the full song and sounds right...


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not including the 22 frets, so you want one played on fre 22-24 then? Might sound a little bright....
Instead of getting people to figure it out for you, why don't you do it your self...?

Take the notes and move them down... Play it in a lower key.

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im a begginer so i didnt think of that its because my guitar only has 22 frets so when i play the 22nd fret its a dead note.
maybe play it an octave down...?
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Do you understand octaves yet? Since notes repeat, there are tons of the same note but a higher or lower pitch which is an octave.

It might take a while to sort through but get your starting note and lower it one octave. Then it won't be so bright and shrill and you can hit those high notes. What tab is it?
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