Hey guys, a dumbass question here, but I'd like to be prepared

I'll be doing some shows fairly soon but my rig will be away and too inconvienient to bring to venues.

Hopefully I'll be able to borrow a good amp, but in the case that I can't, I was wondering how I can use my Pod straight into the PA.

I've never actually spotted say a spare jack lead lying around that goes straight to the PA, so how would one go about connecting to the PA?

I've just got a Pod XT Live that I've had for a few years, it runs a regular jack output at amp or line level.

I presume I'd give the sound guy a heads up and he throws me a lead? or will I be expected to bring a jack to XLR lead?

Sorry guys, I'm just unsure!

Thanks in advance,
most PA mixers will have a normal fourth inch lead somewhere you could use. and XLR to fourth inch converters aren't expensive or hard to find. you should probly have one just in case anyway as they are pretty damn useful.
I'm sorry that I'm not that helpful, but I'm in the same situation so I'd be really interested in the answer to this too. I THINK that you just plug it into the PA from the Amp channel and edit the Output Mode System to Studio Direct or Bose PS-1...I'm probably wrong, but that's what I'd always thought I'd do if the situation arose, luckily I've always been able to have an amp in that situation. When you do it, could you let me know how it sounds?

Cheers dude
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Oh yeah, for the Pod itself I'll flick the switch to Line level and set the output as Studio Direct.

I was more wondering about how I would literally connect to the PA, seeing as I only ever really just see a mic a side and one for the bass or a DI or something.

Would running the Pod through a jack to mic lead into a mic input to the PA come out different or go through like, ohm issues? I hope not :P
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