Hi All

I recently traded my tiny terror head for a PRS SE Singlecut . I have played it for a week and have since discovered its not for me really . Just don't think i'll ever get on with the LP shape really .

Its in fantastic condtiton , with just a bit of fret wear on it really . The original link i traded it off has photos of it here :-


Looking to trade it for another guitar or a bunch of good pedals or something cool .

Thanks for looking
Any Tele's about looking to trade or Ibanez's (not really RG's) ,Or anything else cool to trade ?
Not really interested in Squire's mate sorry. At the moment I'm more in need of the cash ..
I have another Epi explorer to throw into the ring if you're interested.
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Where abouts in UK you based? I'll offer £125 for it - you will probably get better offers though. Best of luck
Trade for Epi SG Prophecy?
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