I know it's kinda akward to post piano-songs on UG, but anyway, somebody's gotta be the first! I tried to make my own version of what I think is an amazing song: "Hurt" by Johnny Cash...

Just have a look and let me know what you think...

Johnny Cash - Hurt


I've always considered this to be a song that people shouldn't cover if they can't do it well. But you've done a really good job!
I thought that, especially the first verse, your voice is a little drowned out by the piano. But then again, if your voice is any louder, it loses impact.
So yeah, it's a great cover though!
Thanks for the comment! I'm glad I was able to let you revise your opinion
I noticed the vocals were a bit drowned out as well, but I had to find a balance between getting a click (because I overpowered my Master-channel) and getting the vocals loud enough. But I'm starting to get used to Sonar, so normally it should be the first and the last time this happens
^ Remember you can just turn the master volume down and/or make the piano quiter instead of making the vocals louder

But yeah, I don't have to tell you this, you know what to do