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Squier telecaster custom ii
64 59%
Fender MIM stratocaster
95 87%
Amity bike co zenta complete
63 58%
Voters: 109.
I did a thread on this not long ago but it didnt get me anywhere so i thought a poll would be better

Vote for what i should get with my money
Fender 300ce
Aria strat
Custom les paul
Poll: Where?

I chose all of them to fuck shit up.
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*Casts imaginary vote*
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You sick bastard.

Watch that video below

If this video reaches 1000 views before Christmas, I'll play with my titties on cam.

i absolutely hate my MIM Strat. Feels and sounds like a piece compared to everything i have ever had............. and i've had a lot. Mine is even a special edition. Pro set ups don't work, my set-ups don't work, the pups need replacing right away, and the wiring and trem block are jokes.

I like it when people pick the wrong options.
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I chose all 3 to be a dick, but I think you should get the strat.

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Also, you agree that I'm awesome and own all your stuff now.
lol this is why you don't give multiple options..

i picked the Strat because i wanted to actually contribute
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