I plan to upgrade some aspects of my effects rig this summer. Tube distortion being one thing I want. My other guitarist plays through a Radial Tonebone "Trimode" distortion box.


Specs indicate it has three "modes". Clean, Rhythm and Lead. Ok cool, that's something i'd like. However, i'd rather not use the exact same pedal he does and I really like the sound samples i hear from the Radial Tonebone "Plexitube".


I've been told by my guitarist and a few others that this pedal is great, but it isn't "trimode". Which is a little contradictory to the details on their site. They don't specify "trimode" but they do specify "Clean, Rhythm and Lead in one pedal".

Both pedals are true-bypass and as far as i can tell, the Plexitube is as functional as the Trimode. Opinions?

I mostly play humbucker pickups (57 Classics)
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