Nearly all songs can be boring to listen to after a while even if it is the greatest song ever in your opinion.

But I guess that everyone of us have some special song or songs that you always can rely on that you never will be bored of. A song that you can play when you are sad, happy, angry etc...

Songs that I can rely on:
The Police - Roxanne
The Doors - Break on through
U2 - Where the streets have no name
The Eagles - Hotel California
Fleetwood Mac - Go your own way
Fleetwood Mac - The chain
Free - Fire and water

What songs can you rely on?
Abingdon Boys School -
Desert Rose

the GazettE -
Distorted Daytime
Crucify Sorrow

Finger Eleven - Stay And Drown

Incubus - Wish You Were Here
Do you feel warm within your cage?

And have you figured out yet -

Life goes by?
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Black Sabbath - Into the Void, Wasp/Behind the Wall of Sleep/Basically/N.I.B (who the **** named this thing?)
Mastodon - Blood and Thunder, March of the Fire Ants
Kylesa - Nature's Predators
Bison B.C. - Wendigo Pt. 3
Acid King - Heavy Load
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