These are the two guitars i am looking to sell. The first one is a Jackson RR3, it currently has a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and an Air Norton in the neck, bolt on, jackson trem. It comes with the Jackson molded hardshell case. I am looking for 400 + shipping.

The next guitar is a LTD V-500, this the same thing as the new LTD-401 string thru. It has two emg81s, set neck, grover tuners and comes with the ESP molded harshell case. I am looking for 500 + shipping


Both guitars play and sound great. The reason i am selling is because i want to save up to buy a KV5.

I also have some pedals and other things for sale.

First up is a DOD Supra Distortion FX55-B. Its has a different sound. It has a very gritty type distortion like old thrash/punk. Its a little beat up but nothing is broken. 20 + shipping OBO.

The rest of these are well known.
* = includes box and all manuals

Line 6 Echo Park - 95 + shipping
Digitech Bad Monkey* - 30 + shipping
Danelectro Fish and Chips - 25 + shipping
Vox VSF2 2 Button Footswitch - 15 + shipping
I am trying to sell some of my guitars to save up for a KV2. The amp is strictly for another amp in terms of trades.
Hey dude, good luck. Ive done trades with this guy before (the pickups in the RR3 were mine!) and hes awesome. Btw, I just checked out your band... does Ari really play drums with you? He was one of my best friends in middle school before I moved hahaha.
Haha, yea he's filling in right now until we find a permanent drummer.

I also need to make a correction. The RR3 has a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge not a tone zone.
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I also need to make a correction. The RR3 has a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge not a tone zone.

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Can you ship to australia

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Up. Can i get an edit.

Carvin V3 is gone.
535Q Wah is gone
Metal Master is gone.

Can i get a thread title change to "Jackson RR3 LTD V-500 + pedals FS"
thanks but im looking to sell only at this time.

Bump. The ltd is sold. Still have the RR for sale as well as the danelectro flanger, digitech metal master and danelectro fish and chips
Bump. I am looking for a Behringer FCB1010.

Have cash and it would be cool to trade + cash as well because i dont needs these pedals anymore.

Digitech Metal Master
Danelectro Flanger
Danelectro Fish n Chips
One spot adaptor
UP. So The LTD is back up for grabs. The RR3 is still available and all of the pedals above are available for sale/trade.

I am looking for a Behringer FCB1010 control board and either a KV5FR or KV2FR in either the snow white with black bevels or black finish. Only interested in the case if its the new SKB case.

Please see the first post for prices.
Shipping to Puerto Rico (00659) on the Fish and Chips? I'd like to buy it.
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