These two pieces are some of my earliest work. I would say I was 18/19 when I wrote them.

One Moment

One moment is all it takes to throw a life into utter turmoil.
In just a split second, emotions once dormant can rage and boil.
It only takes an instant to destroy somebody's soul.
Too much pain..... I am no longer in control.

How could you hurt her so bad that something like this could happen?
What if it isn’t that she is just napping?
I cannot go on without her in my life.
This beautiful person that I wanted to make my wife.

What would possess you to take her away from me?
My heart is now locked; she is the only one with a key.
Nobody can come in from this point forward; none at all.
Once on top of the world, now to the depths I fall.

There is no coming back when you have reached this point.
So many who love and care. I am sorry to disappoint.
When the one thing you need most is ripped away from you,
There is nothing else you can be expected to do.

Life may be unfair, and certainly cruel
But I will no longer abide by its rule.
It cannot control me or keep me in its grasp.
These seeds of condemnation claw at my heart and rasp.

The point of forbearance has broken down to nothing.
I cannot take this anymore. Too much pain and suffering.
My mind is much stronger than my body will ever be.
I may overpower myself to cause the end of me.

One moment is all it takes to throw a life away.
One moment is all I needed to decide it will be today.
From one moment to the next, life can change so drastic.
You know what I speak of. I am not being funny or sarcastic.

No longer there for me, so what else do I need?
Just another poem that nobody will heed.
All the warning signs were there, but you thought them just words.
The appearance and my vision of this life have become vague and blurred.

Selfish, yes. Fruitful, no.
The kiss of death, the sting of hell. my final crucial blow.
I no longer care about those who care for me.
I have let it get the better of me one last time. Can’t you see?

It has nothing to do with what you say, only what I feared.
Please forgive me for this act. My demon’s ugly head is reared.
I cannot face the glowing eyes and sallow taunts of this figure anymore.
The gates of hell are opened to me; I must just walk through the door.

Good bye my friends, I thank you all for holding me so dear.
Good bye my family, one and all; whether you are far or near.
Good bye my life, filled with all the shit that nobody else wanted.
Good bye myself, you will no longer be by this world daunted.

You no longer have to be afraid of rejection or abandon.
You no longer need to worry about a hand to put your hand in.
No more will you hurt from this world’s woes.
You get to enjoy torment from all your foes.

Pain and suffering are the least of your worries where you are about to go.
Fear, death, pestilence, rain of fire... what else? Who knows?
Hell would be much better than the life I am stuck inside.
At least in hell, there will be nowhere for me to hide.

I cannot be a coward, I cannot be so weak.
I cannot hurt another by the words I do or do not speak.
I cannot enjoy your company, only to have it ripped away.
I cannot love another. Not after today.

There is so much I will miss out on, but it does not matter anymore.
There is so much to look forward to. I know not what is in store.
Once again I say good bye to everything I know.
Do not be sad, this is what I want. Now I must go.


The Other Side

Another moment passes and all is turned around.
No longer a vision of myself, cold and dead on the ground.
Now I see the light once more, though it hurts my eyes.
Now I hear the voice again, much to my surprise.

You tell me not to worry; you alone can say it.
Such relief, a new repose. I will not betray it.
The weight has been lifted and I am once again free.
The darkness once so heavy no longer torments me.

It only takes a moment to turn a life again.
Somehow you could feel my pain.... You knew just when
I needed you most and gave me assurance that you were okay.
You knew what I needed to hear you say.

The future opened up before me; hell's gates are once again closed.
The inside of my heart and mind have been reopened and exposed.
Although I still feel empty when you are not near,
You have calmed my restless heart and drowned out all my fear.

It only took me One Moment to feel this blessed relief.
Just an instant to wipe out the sorrow and grief.
You have come back to me, although you never left.
You will stay beside me, deep within my heart to be kept.

I cannot love another. Not as much as I love you.
If I was without you, I dread what I may do.
I cherish the time we spend together more than life itself.
I cannot imagine feeling this way about anybody else.

Hello my friends, I am back again. A moment is all it took.
Hello my life, full of so much shit. I should write a book.
Hello new day, with something else I cannot expect.
Hello my love, the one person I would do anything to protect.

This rollercoaster ride of life continues down the track.
Once strapped in and underway, there is no turning back.
Will you join me on this trip and hold me when I am scared?
Will you hold my hand and let me know you are always there?

I already know the answer, but I ask you just the same.
I love the way it sounds when you say my name.
I could go on forever, but I will leave you with this:
You have taught me what the meaning of love truly is.