Hey all, i'm trying to count out this beat but i cant figure out what it is
could some one please help me out and tell me what time signature it's in?
I'm trying to tab it out in GP5 and put the drum beat into ableton live.


Heres the link to the song should be pretty easy i imagine.

seems like 4/4 at +- 115 bpm

edit: however there seem to be certain parts where it slows down :p have fun!

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Just have a go counting it out in 4/4 though it doesn't feel right, It seams like it drops a beat somewhere when the cord changes from Amin - G - EMaj

ARg its confusing, please help its really anoying me

cheers for the replies so far
4/4 - 7/8 - 4/4 - 3/4 - 5/4 - 4/4 - 3/4 - 3/4 - 4/4 when the drums kick in.

This is how I counted it. The (3/4 - 5/4) measures could be two measures of 4/4, but the way it's accented I say this is better.

Having said that, the 3/4 measure seems like it slows down a little momentarily, but it picks back up.
Ok this is what i have for the chorus riff on GP5, i have the drum and guitar both tabbed,Could some one please help me fix it up thanks.

Also how would i write in that gallop rhythm for the guitar, first chord is Am

Black jack davey.gp5
Verse: 1 - & a 2 - & a 3 - & a 4 - & a

Attached is my fixed version of the chorus. I didn't do anything for the drums, but I fixed the guitar.
Black jack davey (1).gp5