I play through Fender Frontman amps because I get great clean tones on a budget, I really love the sounds I've heard from the Menatone King Of The Britains pedal but they're a.) hard to find and b.) expensive, ridiculously expensive. I'll probably end up buying one later in the year but for right now can anyone recommend a pedal that sounds at least a little similar for much less?

I'm looking for a pedal that I can get a clear, treble-y, marshall jcm type tone out of. Something analog without a muddy sound. Thanks for any help!
while that is a great pedal, you really should try some other amps. plenty of fenders have a nice clean. some will argue nicer than the FM212, i'm one of those...

also, i've seen KOBs go for $100 used. is that "expensive"?
wow, i'd love to see one go for that cheap! i was bidding on one that went to a little over $200 and there was another with a 'buy it now' for $220 that got snapped up right away. i don't mind paying a lot for the gear i want but i just can't swing that right now.

ideally i would love to get a fender twin but i'll look into that fm212, as of now the frontman is doing my cleans well enough to keep it around for a while.
the fm212 is a frontman and it's not any better than whatever front man you're currently using. If you end up looking for a new amp, I see HRD's go for like $400-450 all the time, and that would be lots better than the fm212.
you own a fm212. frontman, whatever. it's a cheap starter amp.

if you like it cool.

as far as a good boost ala KOB? cough up a budget.
yeah, my bad, fm212 is the frontman. who gives a shite about amps anyways, i have an amp, what i need is a good distortion pedal. i have about $100 to spend, was looking at a distortion + but have heard about as much bad as good when reading reviews. i can't say the vids on youtube do much because nobody seems to push it.

i know that a lot of people say you need a good amp for pedals to shine but whatever, a good amp is up for debate. i play a tele btw, and want to keep things very treble-y and would hate to muddy things up with a crap distortion pedal, i also hate hate hate digital sound, the distortion on the frontman is so unusable it's ridiculous. the reverb isn't too bad though.

thanks for any help.

sorry about the frontman confusion, i'm half-retarded. haha