I remember reading a guitar world magazine a few years back and seeing an ad for a combo amp that was a speaker with a Line 6 pod form fitted in the top of the amp. I'm thinking of getting a Pod X3 and have been trying like hell to find this amp to see if it has a newer version.

Also, I managed to get a steal on a JS1000 for $900 USD. Would it be a great injustice to plug the JS1000 into a pod and monitors instead of going all out and getting a tube amp and pedals?
The flextone is what i think they might be referring to. I own one and it sounds nice, but you should look into tube amps, I think they would suit you better. Perhaps a Peavey JSX judging by your gear and picture.
^no, hes thinking of the atomic reactor amp.

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^no, hes thinking of the atomic reactor amp.

YES! Holy hell! I was drawing a blank like crazy!

And I really can't afford the JSX amp at the moment. It's soooo much money!
the JSX, IMO, is worthless. It's pretty much a XXX, and Satch himself doesnt even use it
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Yeah I got an atomic reactor for sale. They are very hard to find, and the waiting list for the new current models can be very long, from what I hear. Anyway here is the link to my listing.

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