i've got 2 questions, both are things i've been wondering about for awhile

for my clean sound, i do not like the whole twangy bridge pickup clean thing. really what i want is just the way my guitar sounds when its not plugged in, but obviously louder. and since my saddles are crap anyways (my high e screw+spring just fell out *again*) i was thinking it would be good to replace them. i've been interested in checking out the acoustic or piezo saddles for strat type bridges for awhile, but none of my local stores carry anything equipped with them. so can anyone here testify as to their quality? "good enough" stopped being good enough awhile back for me, so if they're only arguably worth installing, i don't want to bother....also, are they reasonably simple to install? or should they probably be installed by someone that knows what they're doing? i can do the intonation screws myself, im more worried about the electronics and all that. are there any specific models that are good or no good? or are they basically all close enough to the same?

on the other side of things, i like my metal sound to really !@#$ing roar. i love my keeley metal zone, but my current cabinet really can't provide me with the rock hard bass i want (a kustom pro412a). i saw on avatar speakers i can get 4 g12t-100s for a pretty good price, and i was wondering if they are any good? i've heard that the g12t-75s are the best for good bass, are the 100s just higher power/even more bassy versions? i should mention that i specifically do NOT want huge boomy bass, i want the most tight/focused bass i can get. its going to be used with a modern metal distortion, not like a cranked tube amp type thing.

oh yeah, noob question about ohm ratings also. say i want to use just a halfstack/one 4x12 @ 8 ohms, what ohm rating speakers would i want to get? im not sure of how they're usually wired so im not really sure...would i just want four 8 ohm speakers?

edit: guess i should probably ask as well, is installing new speakers into an existing cab simply a matter of removing the old ones, popping the new ones in, and then soldering leads?
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ive never used a peizo bridge on an electric only made some for my acoustics and they sound good of although they are alittle lacking in bass which could be solved with an eq
i know that peizos work by feeling the vibrations of the strings so the lighter strings might sound really bright but with an eq you could probably fix that
also i know thay also sell some sort of preamp i dont know if it comes with the bridge but you should get it since peizoelectric pick ups have really low out put and there would be a significant volume drop when switching to it
well, as for the bass, i'd be using the same guitar through the same cabinet, which i hope to get g12t-100s or 75s for (maybe, pending opinions gathered from this thread) which i'd be getting for their bass, so im not sure if i'd need tons of bass. i do have an EQ pedal though, so im not too worried about that.

at the moment i run my metal zone into my clean channel, i could probably just turn up my clean channel volume and turn down the volume on the pedal to compensate? or is the volume almost non existant without an onboard preamp? at the moment i actually use my fulltone OCD with my clean channel, so i kind of have a preamp already? or is that not going to be good enough/won't work properly? i don't need loud volume, this is for bedroom jamming only.