Traded for my lovepedal purple plexi, the Tanabe Dumkudo!

pics time, yey

Roight. wtf is the Jali knob? it's supposed to be a harmonics overfilter or something, it's like another tone knob but cooler imo, just don't set it to max if you have a bright guitar/amp.

This pedal is targeted for that smooth overdrive/dumble/eric johnson sound and all.

It's got 3 modes, Red, Blue and Green

Red: Marshall mode basically, sounds like a low gain plexi if you ask me, doesn't have that EVH sound, then again this is a low gain pedal, not a BLEASHASHSAGDJHA clipper...

Does that Boston - Don't Look Back sound very well and works as a great boost mode for your amp.

Blue: EJ without fuzzyness, basically it's the smoothest, most creamy mode, has a slight volume drop but it just oouzes with smoothness and is my favorite mode for playing lead work. Works as a different boost, my favorite boost i think...

Green: Dumble mode really. sounds less smooth then the blue mode, sounds more like an amp rather then a clean amp with an od + fuzz. most amount of volume, works as a great boost but shines when playing chords and jazz type stuff with the neck pu.

What sounds can it make?
ZZ Top to Eric Johnson, Eric Gale to anyone who uses a Dumble ODS. Hell it can even do a convincing Jimmy Page clanky sound if you lower the gain on the red mode and up the volume.


Why bother when i have a crappy pc mic and my recording program is being an idiot.

Great pedal?
as awesome as ever
go get it, now
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Have any sound clips?
love the abalone face on that,, been hearing a lot about dumkudo lately maybe have to check one out in the future
Good Sir
Recorded a demo but i won't upload it because it's no different from a boss pedal because of the recording gear, and my horrible playing atm.

just cut my nails so i can't really play anything the way i want to play :/

i'll give it a go later

Thanks Rokket, you have to try it out, it's crazy versatile and just sounds very kick ass