THe other guitarist in my band has a Krank Krankenstein and right now, only the clean channel works. There has been no extra stress put on the amp or tubes, i.e. getting banged into a wall or dropped ect.
He bought the amp used, so the warranty in nonexistent.
He has called Krank (the tech support number on the back of the head) on multiple occasions and hey have not answered or returned his call.
Can anyone explain what may be wrong with the amp and how to go about fixing it?
Did this problem already exist when he bought it or did it start afterward? And define “…only the clean channel works.” What, specifically and in great detail, is wrong with the Dime channel?
take it apart and check all the fuses if that doesnt work go to an electronics repair shop
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This happened afterward-he has owned it for over a year and this happened last week.
The Dime channel, even with the volume maxed, sounds like the cheapest amp from Target- it is hardly audible and the tone is shit- just sounds like a really cheap 1x6 solid state with crap distortion.
most likely a problem with the preamp tubes.

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well we cant really annalyze or fix the problem over the internet. one would need the amp in their hands to do so. might as well take it to a local amp tech, problems like this arent rare, and are pretty cheap and easy to fix.
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