I have a Ibanez GRX20 and it's pretty good. I've been lookin at the GSA60 on the Sam Ash Music Store website and it seems pretty interesting but I don't know if it is better in quality then the GRX. I can't buy any expensive guitars right now, some I'm going for anything under $200.

Which guitar do you think is better? (for playing metal, rock, and blues).
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Absolutely the same build quality.

The gsa has a 2-point SAT floating trem, if I'm correct, and the grx20 has a FAT 6 bridge, basically Ibanez's replica of a strat trem. It's all up to which you prefer.

One thing, though: My friend has a similar guitar to the GSA, (it's an SA series, what the GIO is based off of,) and the input jack started crapping out. Doesn't sound too bad, but because of the way the jack is mounted to the body and how close it is, it makes it a little bit hard to do the repair, because I couldn't find the right jack to replace it with, that would fit the measurements.

The GRX has a standard input jack though, so if it craps out, it's easily replaced.

I prefer the GRX20, just because I *personally* prefer the RGs over the SA series.

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For a longer review on the GSA. The pickups ups are fine and useable for the music you want to play, however the bridge is not good at all. If you want a floating bridge seriously consider a floyd rose if not get a set bridge of some sort. The actual build quality is good though and it takes serious punishment, although the hardware needs upgrading.