So i've been looking at this guitar for awhile now i played one with a similar shape and zomg it felt amazing.

How reliable would the trem be on it? Looking for something with a floyd or similar

I was even thinkign about going to the next guitar up, but then remembering i live in australia and everything is double the price is should be. and it's around double the price. Which imo isn't worth it just for EMGs and slightly better hardware and slightly better build quality.

$750 or so for the LTD MH-250, which imo is a decent price for me,

Can anyone tell me if the neck is painted as well? Because i myself prefer a painted neck

Now about restringing the guitar with the tremolo, if say i wanted to change tunings to one step lower, is it possible to fit 10's onto the guitar instead of the 9's it would have in standard? therefore equalizing the tension?
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Floyd's aren't nearly as hard as poeple make them out to be. I retuned my Agile Interceptor down a half step and it took like 10-15 minutes. I made pizza while doing it.

Is the Floyd a "Floyd rose special"? I had one on my alexi, it worked, but you really couldn't do many whammy tricks with it. And if you dive bombed, it would go out of tune. I have heard good things from other poeple about them....
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