Another post-rock-type venture; clocking in at around 8 minutes it's quite hefty. The word I would call it is "expansive". Give me a shout if you find it's gets boring, because it's a fear I have. Though, I think that the length adds to the vibe of the song at the moment; I've no real qualms with the actual parts themselves. If you do, speak up though - that's why I'm here!

If you're interested in the song, I recorded a version of it yesterday - once everything's finished I'll post a link to the MP3, just give me a shout if you want me to do it.

Crit for crit, as per usual.

Hope you enjoy,
I love your instrumental work; I thought it was great.

That being said, there's only so long you can use one progression, and this is more than double that time.... it does have an atmosphere to it, you're right, but it becomes pretty uninteresting.... you need to add in other progressions, and other clear "sections".
this is pretty good, but it does seem to drag on for longer than it needs too. If you were to end it where it says "OuT" just before the synth part...it wouldn't outlive it's welcome.
I'm tempted to put it into parts I and II, and have them separately on the album, my only concern is that part II would feel a bit weak. Do you lot feel that the both parts warrant a song on its own?
depends on how you have them spaced on the album. If one opens and another closes an album they wouldn't feel weak. Although if you just have them randomly on the track-listing, that would leave part 2 to being weak.