Awesome looking head, maybe a couple of little (very small) scrapes on the tolex, the grill on top of the amp has a little crack in the corners, and it has no rubber feet but that really doesnt matter. but aside from that head is in awesome condition still has the letters and grill on the front, and it sounds AMAZING. ive used it for a while but i havent changed the tubes so it definitely needs the tubes changed in it.I really want 650 for it. i'm willing to do shipping but that might be around 70-80 dollars(don't quote me on that) extra to the price above because of the weight, or i will do meet ups in a public place. I'm located in Warner Robins, Georgia, 31088. ill be putting up pictures soon...
what do you have to offer? it would probably have to be another high end amp, no guitars i have enough of those.
thank you for the offer but im not really a mesa fan, possibly a triple rec, but i think im going to have to pass on the stiletto.
I could always trade the mangled soloist in that album plus a little cash as well :thu:
ehhh i dont think i can do that either lol, plus i already have a LTD. but i appreciate the offers man.
i might have to pass on that one too man, thanks for the offer anyways. but keep the offers coming or 650 takes it. if i were to trade this head i would probably want either a orignal 5150 or an engl or mesa dual/triple rec.
i believe a dual/triple has higher value than the 5150. Though a 5150 is feasible. What did you mean by newer V3? There are no multiple models.
for some reason i thought carvin had a older model of the V3, ive only heard of them i havent fully reseached them so i didnt know.
Sorry not looking to buy... But i love your Username. Alot.
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hey man give me a call looking to buy! 251 421 2765.also located in mobile alabama so im close