hey guys, I came across this a while ago, and I've wanted to learn it but I've only really studied traditional classical guitar at my university, so I haven't really learned much jazz chord voicings and I was wondering if anyone can help me out with how he's playing the chords in this piece, mostly the inversions and qualities of the chords and the notes that are in them if there are any extensions. I can pick the melody out easily, and the bassline wouldn't be that hard either, it's just usually the middle voices are hard to hear sometimes. I've always wanted to be able to play the melody and chords at the same time like Jody does in most of his pieces so if anyone can help me to better understand how this type of jazz chord voicings work, it would be appreciated. Thanks



here's another song sort of showing the kind of thing i'm talking about too; it's a traditional christmas song most people should know it..

or if anyone can recommend some good sheets or books to read music from..I just want to get more familiar with this kind of music, if anyone knows any that would be helpful too because if i can see the sheets i'll be able to read it and then apply what i'm doing to my playing. i hope i'm not being too confusing..
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