I just can't stay in time, i always think im in time but im actauly not. i try to play along with the actual track, thats fine untill i go and play with a backing track and then it all goes to s**t.
is a certain way that you count in your head?
how do you know yourself that your in time?
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Practice with a metronome.
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Use metronome when you practice, then try to hit the beat with your feet, like a bass drum, when you get the hang of rhythm, your feet will just keep it there for you, I never had this problem, even though I never used metronome...
I never had this problem, but people I know do. They've yet to figure out a way around it.

Try tapping your foot along to the rhythm, or counting in your head.

Crotchet beats: One two three four

quaver beats: one-and two-and three-and four-and

triplets: one-and-a two-and-a three-and-a four-and-a

semi-quavers: one-ee-and-a two-ee-and-a (etc.)

Just keep practising.
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Some are blessed with the ability.
Others should practice with a metronome. Even if you're just doodling around with scales or something practice with a metronome.
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Practice with a metronome.

this, but also listen. listen very carefully.
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