So i'm planing on making this pedalboard so far this is what I got
Boss NS-2
Dunlop Crybaby Wah original
MXR Distortion+
MXR 10 band EQ It's like it's missing something that will give my sound a little more color if you know what i mean i was thinking about putting a Phase 90,Flanger or maybe a Chorus with it. Any ideas?
Donnell McKnignt
As sson as I saw this post I was like chorus.

Get a chorus pedal. Flangers are cool but id say you cant use them as much as a simple chorus due to their sweeping effect which may not work with all songs.
Try a BBE Sonic Stomp if you feel your guitar needs to be a little more 'vibrant.'
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Eventide ModFactor could be worth a look - pricey, but it has everything you could want; chorus, flanger, phase etc. and they all sound great.
Deff chorus.
I was in a similar kind of situation having put together the start of my board - got myself a EHX Small Clone and found it added lovely depth and feel.
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Yes -.- alot of people have been saying to get a new amp i will once i have enough money saved with my summer job.
Donnell McKnignt
i would recommend two things:
delay (something along the lines of a Boss DD-7 or even a Boss DD-20)


modulation (a line 6 MM4 sounds great for what it is)


A compression pedal really added a lot to my board. (a Boss CS-3; cheap and fantastic sounding)

and get rid of the EQ. they don't do very much.
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Just save your money for a better amp. Running a great pedalboard into an MG is like running a Corolla on rocket fuel.
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