Alright, so I'm currently in love with this band called Vains Of Jenna.
I've been desperatly searching for their equipment that they use.
They use Carvin amps and BC Rich guitars.

I want to buy a new guitar, so I'm leaning towards buying one of the guitars that they use. But I can not find any information anywhere, except that they use Carvin Amps and BC Rich guitars... Even on Google, or word of mouth.

Here is a video of when they get their new guitars

Lizzy DeVine was the lead singer of the band, and he's filming.
I'm more interested in finding out what guitar Nicki Kin uses (The red one) and Lizzy DeVine's Blue Guitar.

Here's another video of them to help identify.
Fan Made Video of Hard To Be Vain (A few clips of Nicki Kin's guitar and Lizzy's aswell. Hard to make them out though).

Thanks for advance, if you try and help.
Red guitar is a mockingbird.....uhh ST model (correct me if im wrong)

they must really like the cloud inlays, they all have them
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Quote by chadreed32
Red guitar is a mockingbird.....uhh ST model (correct me if im wrong)

they must really like the cloud inlays, they all have them

There are two red guitars in the video.
The very first one that they show, the one that the guy (Nicki Kin) is holding is the one I want to know, along with the blue one.

I know the other one is a Mockingbird.
Lizzy (filmer) even says that it's a Mockingbird.

&& Yeah. I've noticed that too, with the cloud inlays.
Oh, could be some kind of ASM... cant really think of any other guitars with a traditional shape from BC....
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Quote by RetroGunslinger
look on the bc rich website, im almost certain they are asm's or assasins

asm and assassin are the same... or atleast thats what their website has always told me since forever...
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ok got it

Bass: eagle
1st Redish-orangish guitar: ASM
1st guitar on ground: Eagle
2nd (blue): ASM
3rd (red): Mockingbird

I dont know the models but there are the shapes
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the bass is a mockingbird eagle one
the sunburst strat im not sure
the next one is a bc rich eagle
the next is a blue strat not sure what it is
and the last is a old mockingbird Exotic Classic they dont make in the red split natural finish and they now use rockfield pickups anymore so you can only get one if you order it
Thanks for all your help, guys.
Especially you Chad and Pie.

I'm really interested in the sunburst strat/orange-ish guitar and the blue one.
I'm gonna keep on looking.

If anyone has anymore help; feel free to post.