Hey UG,
I am fairly new to guitar so I hope you guys can help. I recently got a little into playing slide guitar. I quickly realized how easier it would be to have a dedicated slide guitar. I don't have the funds right now to go out and buy a descent guitar and therefore I turned to my spare guitar. It was my first guitar and it is basicly made out of crap but I thought maybe it could be okay for slide playing with a little moding.

It has quite high action which I suspect has something to do with the frets but the frets don't matter when you playing slide and high action is also a good thing. It should also be mentioned that it's a no-name strat copy with a SSS setup. Here is my idea.

1. Strip and clean the guitar.
2. Change one or two of the pickups with a stacked humbucker to produce a nice warm tone.
3. Get a higher string gauge and finally of course put it through a descent amp.

So my question is wether the end product will be any good for praticing slide playing and is there a other solution which will give me more bang for the buck.
Might as well paint it while your at it. And might want to change the pots. Getting new tuners is a good idea for any guitar. New bridge?
yeh it'll be good, quality=time taken for the job.

if you take your time and do it right and there's no reason why it can't be a great guitar!
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in case you want a lil higher action towards the nut
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