Well I asked in the drum thread but I didn't get any replies so, does anyone know where I can get some midi files to look at so I can learn how people are putting together drum tracks? I try to wing it but the results are less than stellar. I feel like I could really learn alot by studying other peoples stuff. Also I would like to learn to program some hammer blasts and gravity blasts but I don't really have a clue what the actual drummer is doing to acheive that sound.
you could try looking at guitar pro files or drum tabs. both should have what you need, which is basicly timing and what is being played. shouldnt be that hard to translate into the piano roll of your midi editor.

another option is to look up online drum lessons. it will give the tab/sheet music for the exercises, so you can see the timing and stuff. good lessons will even have audio clips. you can see what they are doing and figure out how to get the sound you want.