hello, im using pod x3 live, connected the 4 cable method to marshall jvm 410 with 1960a and 1960b cabs, and i have a sennheiser e 606 connected to the pod x3 live , now i got the loop turned on on the marshall but not on the pod x3 live because i want to use the pod x3 preamp for personal reasons, my question is how do i record through the microfone in steinberd cubase, which input do i select? i cant see anything only the pod x3 live input, but that would input the pod x3 live usb signal not the signal from the microphone
to be more acurate:
i want to use pod x3 live's effects while recording the mic that is connected to the pod x3 live, in a DAW
NosralTserrof dat was a bit of a useless comment...

pod x3 live turns into a soundcard once its plugged into pc via usb, and its ins and outs can be selected in a daw, the question is how...dont try get all smart...
do you have asio4all? if so, there should be a little icon with a pause symbol in your task bar. if you click on that and select Line6 podx3, and then do the same in your recoding software for the channel you're recording, you should be all set.

EDIT: Also be sure you have the latest drivers and all dl'd for your pod.
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nope i dont have asio4all, i already have all the correct drivers installed, wats asio4all?
and these channels these are the 8 different channels right, like dry wet and so on, any chance you could go into more detail or point me in the right direction please