I'm pretty new to the forums but I think this was the most relevant section to put this in. I have been recording recently with my Yamaha aw16g and have enjoyed the sounds and effects I can get from it, however, it seems that many of the tracks are shifted left or right on the audio rather than centered. There is a dial that can switch the side that the audio comes out of but when I save and export the audio file AFTER I have changed the sound to centered it still comes out either on the left side or right side. Any comments or advice would be very appreciated.

You may want to search around the SC forum as I know a few people use that product around there. My cousin was also given this unit a year ago and loves it. TBH, there are even times when I wish I had the upgraded model with 24 tracks of this unit but I've never had the cash for one.

Anyways you may want to look around for a mono/stereo track setting. It sounds like you are recording a mono source to a stereo track or something.

Also look over the manual which I'm sure can be found online for free download.

hey thanks for the advice, haha the manual disappeared a while ago and the download never seems to finish but ill keep looking, ill check out the SC forums too, thanks again