At my local thrift store, there is a HP Media Center M1160n computer for sale, 50$. I'm interested in buying it because I dont have my own computer and would like one. Question is, I cant really find much about online besides the specs on it. I cant find how much it used to go for. Anybody here own one? Is 50$ good for it? BEcause they have two other computers there. A Dell Dimension 300 and a Dell Optiplex Gx260 and there 125$, which is a rip-off. Those two go for like 45$ on ebay.

Anyways, is the HP a good deal? Of course I wan to turn it on and make sure everything works before I buy it.
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Dell sucks major balls so you made a good choice. What are the specs on the computer? only way to tell
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for that money..

Buy it, format it, throw XP on there.
And you've got yourself a good working computer for surfing, chatting and listening to music.