I now take it that the_fitz (never to be mentioned) again is never to be brought up. Do any long termers have advice on not to be banned on this site, as the man formally known as the_fitz got me a spam yellow card and a warning.

And no that isn't a joke, I'm dead set serious.

Thanks for your time.

Read the rules?
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Just read the rules and be courteous to people, shouldn't be too difficult
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1) The rules for the forum are stickied at the top. They contain information about how not to be banned/warned for spam or other offenses.

2) It's not that you can't mention the_fitz, but of course your thread about how much you miss him was going to get closed.

3) This thread will inevitably be closed, probably for the same reason as the last one.
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I'm not going to ban you for sheer ignorance but seriously just read the rules in the announcement at the top of the forum and stick to them.

I'm closing this and don't start another thread about it
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