I have a valvestate 100h with matching cab and the distortion is ok for metalcore/deathcore but I find the amps distortion a little to "trebly?" so I was thinkig of buying a boss me 70 (cuz u get alot of other effects) or a distortion pedal. So whats your opinion on the me 70 or do u know any good distortion pedals?

P.S I cant afford a 6505 or a new amp cuz the are expensive as hell in sweden
Distortion pedal. There's no point in ****ing around with hundreds of other effects if your playing metalcore. Distortion pedal is your best bet run with a noise gate to hide feedback
If you find your amp trebely, may i suggest an EQ pedal?

I've always stayed away from dist because a good amp is better than a nice pedal.
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