Ok so I am in a death metal band and I would like another guitar. The one I am currently using is a Godin Freeway Classic and I love it, but I want something a bit more metal. My price range is within 600 dollars and I am looking at a Shecter C-1 plus or an Ibanez RG-7. Now I would prefer the Ibanez except for the fact that I have never played a seven string before, and all of my bands riffs were written in d standard. Would it be strange to play all of my riffs a string down? Is it worth it?
Well I cant tell you what to do as far as a 6 or 7 string goes, but if you like the neck, I'd definitely get a Schecter over an Ibanez. And if you haven't looked at it already, I'm sure a Hellraiser would suit your band's music better than the C1 Plus but if money's an issue, you're getting one hell of a guitar. Hope I helped.
Go for the 7. It will take some adjusting at first, but the pay off is huge. Also, added versatility with the 7 can only help you really
The seven won't be worth it if you play in d standard, you'll have to incorporate Korn-like lows which your band might not like, and adding a thinner string to that mix, would just be too tight. Go for the C-1
i agree get the schecter. 7s are cool but useless unless the band is all using extended range guitars...
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@Machineslave, I use an Ibanez rga7 as my lead guitar while our rhythm uses an LTD ec1000 and we don't have a single problem