Hey there, GG&A! I've been trying recently to sell a b.c. rich thinline acoustic (there's a reason you've never heard of it) that i've had kicking around. I've been offered to trade it for a 'vintage 1979 Marshall 5010 1x12 Master Lead Combo'. I play lots of high-gain stuff, but i'm always open to other genres. Here's the exact trade:

B.C. rich thinline acoustic +$150 for vintage 1979 Marshall 5010 1x12 Master Lead Combo.

My exact question is, is this deal worth it for me?
It probably isn't a high-gain amp, but you have quite a good deal right there. I would go for it if I were you.

I don't know much about B.C. Rich acoustics, but the probably aren't that good.
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