so whilst perusing the back of my amp (ashdown fallen angel 40w 112) i saw it had a jack input labelled "speaker emulated line out" now i assumed this was for recording the amp without using a mic and after looking around on google all i seem to find is people using the line out on their MG's or spiders to record but getting terrible results. would using the line out on a tube amp yield different results or would it still sound bad?

or is it meant for something other than recording?

i tryed it out on my Blackface HT-5 and it sounded terrible. Really trebley with no depth (but thats what the speaker is for). I dont use it
If you were playing live you could put it straight into the desk and run it through your PA, but again, would prob sound crap. Just get an SM57 and mic it up. Always going to sound better live and for recording.
They're meant for recording, but they almost always sound piss poor. Even the Recording Out on my Mark IV sounds bad. Getting a mic to record wont cost a heap and the quality is far better.