First time I was a "Bobbing bobcat" and the second time I was a "Rocketing rabbit".

EDIT: Average time was 0.195-something-something.

EDIT2:Average is now 0.18. I'm kind of addicting to this thing
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Bobbing bobcat, I always thought I had fast reactions but i guess not...

0.2128 for avg. time.


0,2208 average.

edit: 0,189.
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Done this before; there was one time that I actually got 0.000 for one of the sheep.... I think it was just that I was a bit jumpy at the moment.

Edit: Tried it; got an average of 0.1778.
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Beat the first score lol

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0.222 avg
maybe if you had a
suck less

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Bobbing bobcat two times and rocketing rabbit on the third. I think it's pretty good since im quiet tired.
Rocketing Rabbit after my fifth haha
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That deserved a lolmeter

I tried like 4 times, got 1 sluggish snail, 2 of the armadillo one, and a bobbing bobcat. I think that means i'm retarded.
.12 average (rocketing rabit)

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How the hell did you get 0.0000?!

when one moved its head i clicked, just got lucky

otherwise i have been pretty average though its late here.

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2004 EBMM JP6
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Bobbing Bobcat, 0.2637. I get faster with every round, so I could keep going, maybe being it down to 0.2.

edit: 0.2562
edit2: 0.246
edit3: 0.234. I'm gettin there
edit4: 0.1884, yay!
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Rocketing Rabbit - 0.1968 average time

EDIT: Rocketing Rabbit - 0.1634
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Also, i forgot to bring my contributions ~around 0.22, Bobbing bobcat