I don't know whether I would call this 80's rock or Thrash? I'm guessing Thrash, it's a little heavier and faster than what you would call rock. I found "Climin' the Walls" in my dad's CD collection and it's really damn good. Has anybody ever heard of them or listened to them?


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVWrvze6TgU&feature=related (this one is actually called Hernia)

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yeah actually I have, their a great band and their actually considered thrash.
My uncle was getting rid of his CD's and I offered to buy a bunch (like 8 I think) and he gave me two free ones, one was Climb the Walls and the other was The Jokes on You by Excel

It's got the original Enter Sandman on it

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these guys are awesome there riffs, solos and tempo changes are brilliant, thank you very much for introducing me to these guys
I hated them at first, but I've since made peace with the alterni-thrash sub-sub-genre. 3-D is a really mature and creative album, not too thrashy but with a much harder edge than most in that vein.