I just want to see, out of sheer curiosity, what everyones opinion is on microphones since everyone has a different one. What are your favorite/ think are the best mics to mic... FOR LIVE OR STUDIO .

Drums (kick, snare, toms, cymbals/overheads etc):
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there are no best mics for everything. there are only ones that will work best in the situation you are in, and the sound you are trying to achieve.

you could have a list for the best mics suitable for a metal recording, and it would be completely different to a list of mics suitable for a jazz recording.

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Kick: Shure PG52
Snare: Shure SM57/SM7b
Toms: AKG 414
Overheads: AKG 414/421
Room: Royer R122

Bass: Neumann FET47
Guitar: Shure SM57

Vox: Shure KSM44, Shure SM58, Neumann U87

These are the mics that I have had good results with. Try them yourselves.
I liked the first responce to the thread...there is no best mic...

Here is what I usually slap on an acoustic kit for a standard rock sound
Kick - Shure Beta 52A
Toms - Sennheiser MD421
Snare - A Shure SM57 on top and bottom
Hat - Shure SM81
Overheads - Shure SM81 or AKG C 414 XL II in spaced pair

A standard SM57 up close and a ribbon mic in the room assuming the space is quite and has good reverb to it.

Vocals......I'm not even touching this one as there are so many mics which work better for some people and worse for others.
I usually use a Heil Sound PR40 for voiceover work and other speech based work.
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...including a kick drum?
I don't think that mic would last long...

actually Eddie Kramer has used it quite a bit on kick, you back it off a lot and angle the capsule so it doesn't get the heavy rush off air.

I was also for the most part joking, but it really is a fantastic microphone.

Right now my fav mics for Kickdrum are a Sennheiser 421 and a u47 FET backed outside of the kick to capture the boom.

Overheads, KM86s and AKG 414s.
Toms, if you dont have access to Senn 421's and need a good sound 414's sound pretty badassed, and in hypercardiod there's hardly any cymbal bleed. You just need to make sure the drummer is a good aimer.

Bass, 421/57 for the click/twang, an LDC or an AKG D112 for the low end, and of course some direct signal.
It depends on what genre. I'll be talking about in the studio only. And there is no such thing as the best mic, different mics work for different people.


For aggressive sounding drum styles (which I assume you want due to your name), most don't even mic the kick. Most trigger it, usually with ddrum triggers, and use samples as metal really needs consistent hits in terms of velocity.

Some people blend samples, and some don't. Other people also trigger the snare as well.

In terms of mics:

Snare: 1 SM57
Toms: Sennheiser MD421
Overheads: Two Rode NT 5's
Kick: Triggered with ddrum trigger
Room: (only if you have a good room) 1-2 Rode NT-5


SM57 or Sennheiser e609


I prefer to go DI in terms of the bass. Generally I make 2-3 tracks of the same thing but w/ different settings and blend it together.


Vocal mics are all dependent on the singer. A screaming vocalist would use a totally different mic then a clean, jazz vocalist. A lot of metal vocalists like the SM7B. If I was recording a jazz vocalist (clean vocalist), a condenser is usually preferred. Either way, invest in a pop filter.