It's not "true".
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what's pron?

EDIT: i googled it, you guys are gross.

even i can tell that is fake.

That site just smells of fake.

Not only that but look at the english used in the description
Why would you even remotely consider that a site which labels itself "China Wholesale Products Center" could be legit?
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yeah totally fake.
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Holy crap, check this out!
is it one of the sites that makes cheap copy guitars or does it just take money? (ive never heard of this site before)
its fake mate and you need to remove the link from the 1st post.

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is it one of the sites that makes cheap copy guitars or does it just take money? (ive never heard of this site before)

You have not missed anything important

They make FAKEs !
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Do we really need a counter?

UG has gone 0 Days without a tradetang/or site like it thread..
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It's true.

Obviously it is. You're going to buy a guitar that is listed as a Gibson LP with Gibson printed on the headstock for a reasonable price. It's obviously true.

But is it an authentic USA Gibson LP? No.
Do I need to post a picture of a real Gibson molded case? Because, that case says Gibsun.

Guitar Info

Serial number unrecognized

Your guitar may have been made prior to 1977, in that case you may need to use the Vintage Panel, simply select all the options that best describe your guitar. If you are still having difficulties please contact the webmaster.

Wow it's even better of a deal this thing is probably worth $25,000.00.
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Guys, we really don't need to be giving these people free advertising by throwing their website around. Use some common sense, these are clearly fakes.

There are at least three threads open right now asking about this or another site. Let's try not to give them any more press, yes?