So I'm getting a baritone guitar tomorrow and I've been doing lots of research on it. When I first started wanting one I thought it was made for Drop B and A but it turns out that I'm wrong. So I was wondering would it be a total waste to use a baritone for Drop B? I would have to get a thing string gauge, probably 12's, to do it. I have a regular guitar as well fyi.
Baritones are made to tune to low tunings. I'm building a baritone right now so I can tune to B standard. Tuning to drop B on a baritone would be totally fine. You just need to find the right balance between the string tension that you want and the string gauge you use.
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Your not wrong. Your right.

Baritone scale increases tension. So, you can use smaller strings than a normal scale guitar and get good tension.

My Agile Interceptor is baritone scale (27"), and I've got 9's on it. In standard tuning they are TIGHT.
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Yeah most baritones are tuned to standard B (B,E,A,D,F#,B) Going to drop A would be just like going to drop D on a standard guitar, and it should be no problem to use drop B if your strings aren't too heavy.
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Obviously it’s going to depend on the scale length—it would make perfect sense on the 26.5" scale that Schecter uses. Not so much on some of the 30" baritones!