Hi all,

This is a recent development - sometimes when I sing, my throat starts to get tickly and often I have to stop to cough in mid song. It seems to happen mostly when I sing in my mid range. I can't figure out what's happening, as I've been singing for years and don't recall this ever happening before, but it could have something to do with the fact that I've been singing more mid-range songs recently. It's frustrating because I feel like I've been making progress lately. I'm a bass-baritone and I don't smoke.

It sort of feels like the sound is all resonating in my throat and thats whats creating this irritation. Any tips or ideas how I can fix it and keep the power in my voice?

Push from your diaphgram, and let the sound resonate in your head. Not your throat. Take a pencil, put it in your mouth, and push the sound OVER the pencil. It lets it resonate in your sinuses n stuffs.
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Thanks, I think you're right about not breathing from the diaphragm being the problem. I guess I must've gotten into a bad habit somehow.
Just don't be singing through your throat. You also might just need to drink some more water? Sometimes that will happen to me when I'm thirsty. Also, another exercise to keep it in your head instead of your throat is to just put your pointer finger and thumb on each side of your nose on your cheeks and keep it there when you're warming up or when you realize you're singing through your throat. Helps me a lot. Hope I helped (: