Grey Black


Black Cherry

I went to guitar center today, and I absolutely love this thing. They had the grey black in store, and it looks incredible. I would've loved to see they black cherry in person too, though.

EDIT: I personally think the black cherry looks better from the pics (I didn't want to say so it isn't biased). I think I'm going with that.
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played the black cherry, amazing. go for the black cherry, it looks so killer
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Black cherry, by such a long way.

Then again a huge part of me says get the one you played, any other one might not be quite so awesome.
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Black Cherry, not only because it looks better but because everyone and their dog owns a charcoal/dark grey/black/Superstrat now. o_o Since I've started coming to this forum I've gone from love to hate for that color. XD
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