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Duncan Testosterones

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Are there any pickups that are considered 'virile'?

Well people generally use the term sterile to mean not toneful but...yeah, sure, I'm willing to give virile a go.

I have a virile Miracle Man in my guitar!
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My Dimarzio Super Distortion is quite virile.
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Duncan Testosterones

Nice, man.

Just to let everyone know, this isn't a 'help me choose pups' thread. Just an odd thought that entered my head and I wanted to hear what everyone thought.
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I suppose the antithesis of sterile pickups would be "ballsy" pickups?

I would think that "fertile" is more appropriate?
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Duncan Invaders are the most amazing pickups I've ever heard, beefier and much more "virile" than EMG's, only problem is their tone is naturally really dark, some people might not like that but I happen to love it for what I play

If not the Invader than a JB or a Custom are also good bridge pups, for the neck I'd say a '59 or a Jazz
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I suppose the antithesis of sterile pickups would be "ballsy" pickups?

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I would think that "fertile" is more appropriate?

What do you think virile means? It's the masculine version of fertile.

Gibson Nutbusters are pretty virile.
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Actually yeah, invaders will actually jizz all over your face. Got custom invaders in my schecter.

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The thing is, active pickups - especially the standard EMGs, more than SD Blackouts or EMG X-series in fact - give better, stronger response through a wider frequency range. People think they're compressed and missing upper-mid and lower-mid frequencies, but actually they're not, they give you far more of everything that any passive pickup will plus they'll catch some frequencies that most passive pickups will miss. Blackouts/X-series are actually in a way more basic and sterile because their matched coils cancel out more frequencies. Any notion that active pickups are compressed or sterile is entirely down to people either A) not knowing how they work, B) not knowing how to actually take advantage of them properly or C) not having good enough hearing to tell the difference between a wider frequency range being boosted equally vs a narrower frequency range being restricted equally.

After all, standard EMG active pickups are a massive hit with jazz players and always have been, that is what they were designed for. Go figure.

Though for a lazy answer, P-90s made with an underwound coil and Alnico III magnets, with a plastic cover and stud pole pieces instead of screws. That's pretty much the most ''organic'' tone you'll ever find.
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definetly 500t's or burstbuckers (geuss what brand's tone i like)

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Are there any pickups that are considered 'virile'?

Juicy Pickups are pretty fruitful.

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definetly 500t's or burstbuckers (geuss what brand's tone i like)

though i'm not such a fan of gibsons pickups they definitely have some organic warmth to them if matched with the right guitar.

also mr flibble, i think when people say EMGs and other actives are "sterile" sounding.. well it's hard to explain what i'm trying to say here, but somehow, the much more even, wide-range frequency response of active pickups sort of takes the 'character' of uneven frequency roll-off and stuff that you get from passive pickups, and the end result is even though the sound of an active pickup is "hi-fi" compared to passives, sometimes people see some organic warmth in that low fidelity sound... it's somehow similar to the difference between solid state and tube amps, in that solid state amps actually reproduce the sound a lot more accurately, but solid state amps are also often criticised as being "sterile" or "clinical" sounding... perhaps that makes more sense in my head than it does written down...
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
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There's UG's official EMG hater!

I'm agree with him.
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