I'v been looking for a tube combo for a while, but I can't really settle on one due to the surprisingly large variety on the market. I've noticed interesting models from fender, marshall, peavey, vox, B-52, blackheart (you see what I mean?). The only brand that has me interested a little is Blackstar, in particular, the Blackstar HT Series HT-5C 5W 1×10 Tube Guitar Combo. What has me concerned is the 5watt power rating. I don't really know much about amps, especially tube types (this is gonna be my first tube type) and I'm worried how loud is this thing is going to be. My first and only amp is a fender bullet 15 DSP, a fifteen watt I think. To me, it's a loud enough amp, but I'm looking for quality sound (my most important criteria), hence the reason for my on going search.
What I'm looking for is a great sounding practice amp fitting the following description:
*tube combo,
*1x10 or 1x12 configuration,
*at least 2 channels, excellent colorful cleans and rich warm distorted,
*around US$500 but not more than $1000,
*suitable for blues and rock (I plan on using it together with a line 6 POD to get some metal tones and other effects if I have to. By the way, is this a good idea?)

Is there other factors that I'm missing out?

The Blackstar fits this description (I think).
What I don't know, is it great sounding?
What about the 5watt rating? Is it going to be loud? I'm just gonna use it for practice, but will it maybe still be loud enough to disturb the next door neighbors?

If it's not a good choice, could you guys recommend something that fits the above criteria? Some other Blackstar, but I'll easily settle for another make as long as it is great sounding. I would greatly appreciate your help in answering my questions and helping me find the perfect tube combo that fits my needs. Thank you in advance.
there is also a 20 watt Blackstar...

The 5 will definitely be as loud or louder than the Fender

You might want a 12 inch speaker over a 10 though.
Yes, never fear, it should be ample to annoy the neighbours unless you live in the Aussie outback and the nearest neighbour is hundreds of miles away..
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Yes, never fear, it should be ample to annoy the neighbours unless you live in the Aussie outback and the nearest neighbour is hundreds of miles away..

will they even run power to you if your neighbor's are hundreds of miles away? do have have a bunch of wallabies run on a treadmill to turn the turbine to make the electricity?
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Laney VC13 or VC30 has exactly what you want.
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i would look into an Engater Rebel 20 or 30. i have the renegade, which is kind of a bigger brother, and have played both rebels, and IMO they are by a long shot the most bang for the buck.
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