I am looking to get a new guitar, and I really want to get an acoustic. I think I'm leaning towards an acoustic electric because that still gives me the option of plugging in if I want to. I want to get a thin line cutaway, and spend between 300-400. The two I've found so far are the Yamaha APX500 and the Ibanez AEG20. I have heard a few bad things about Ibanez and the hardware falling off. Any comments about these two guitars or any ideas about another that might be something to look at would be great.
Go to a store and ACTUALLY PLAY THEM!! My friend also got an acoustic recently. He played the model he was considering to get and he didnt like the sound. He got a really nice Martin that Im jealous of. Go to the store. You never know what guitar will soothe your ear
I went to guitar center and liked the Ibanez a lot. I just heard about the hardware and wasn't sure if anybody else heard the same thing.
I don't know about loose hardware, but from what I understand Ibanez do have significant quality control issues -- moreso than most other manufacturers. They also tend to build guitars for looks over sound; a lot of their "exotic wood" models are flashy veneers over cheap laminate.

Keep in mind that thinline acoustic = thin sound. Unless you want to play exclusively plugged in, you're probably better off with a full-size guitar like the Yamaha FGX720SCA. Of course, that's just my own two cents.
inexpensive thinline acoustics are probably best owned by people who buy them primarily to plug in, not the other way around. i liked the idea of the comfort of a thinner body, but the sound of most is flat, thin and cardboardy. the unplugged sound of even the higher priced solid top apx 900 can't compare to the yamaha fg700s, much less the the 730.

if you don't care about the unplugged sound, you could always get a rogue grand concert acoustic electric. it may not sound better, although with martin silk and steel strings, it sounds fairly good, and the electronics surprised me with how good they sounded. also it's a lot cheaper, and even if you have to replace the tuners, you'll still save $100 over the other two.