I don't know what subgenre you would classify this song as. It has influence of Thrash, melodic death metal, old school death metal, progressive, and even hard rock.

I played guitar and programmed the drums. My one friend did the vocals, and my other friend did bass and keys during the chorus. This song as of yet is UNMASTERTED so the production isn't the best, but it still sounds iight.

Song is in my profile, the link is here.

and remember, C4C!
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Hey man, awesome track. I love the galloping melodeth feel you've got going on there, whilst the sound quality isn't all that clear, there are some cool riffs in there indeed! Your friends vocals are bad ass also, kind of reminds me of Stanne from Dark Tranquility. I could never figure out how to do that voice...

Overall, a really solid effort considering you've only been playing for 3 years! Composing a full length song and recording it is a huge feat. Nice work!

Have a listen to my latest song. It's called "The Art of Choking", and I'd love to get some opinions! The song can be found here.

Keep supporting metal!!!
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nice guitar work and drumming man. keep it up!
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