so i have ordered the blonde Fender Supersonic 112(60watts), i know fender fixed the issues the early models of the Supersonic had, but how is this gonna be for bedroom use? I WILL be gigging with this which is why i bought it and i love the way those sound, but how is it on its lowest setting? will i need to play this amp only during non sleeping hours on the lowest setting?

otherwise im gonna have to also get a small practice tube amp lol.
i kind of ignore how an amp sounds on its lowest setting, simply because i know how it sounds when i turn it up for jamming or gigging...just something to keep in mind.
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I've got the Fender Super-Sonic head and 4x12 cab. I think it sounds fine at bedroom levels but it really shines when it is cranked up and connected to a Fender Strat!

I haven't had a lot of experience with the 112 combo version but I have heard good things.

Enjoy it!