Hey guys, I need some advice..

I went to a Peter Frampton concert this past weekend, and my mind was completely blown away.. His style is so amazing, and that Gibson Custom is gorgeous

But he gave me the inspiration to want to play with a talk box..

I have a Gibson Melody Maker, and 200W Peavy Tube amp, and I don't want to buy a PA system. Could I just buy a Rocktron Banshee 2 and play on that one amp with my one guitar? I'm low on funds and can't afford to buy alot of new equipment right now, but I really want to play around with a talkbox,

If you could, reply on here, or my email is colbyr78@yahoo.com


So I do HAVE to have a mic? Or are you talking about the tube that comes with the talkbox?
For a talkbox to be effective, you really do need a mic. If you notice, Frampton has his tube attached to his mic stand right next to the mic head. The Talkbox is basically a Speaker in a box enclosure. They are not extremely loud. All the cool sounds you are hearing when a talkbox is used are being picked up by the mic and sent to the PA.


It is possible to run your talkbox without a mic for practice, but it will not be very audible, and it does lose a little inflection and nuance when not miked. You might be able to get away with using a small practice amp with a mic along with your normal rig, but you have to be careful not to fry the small amp.
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