Hey everybody I just had a quick question, I was looking at the chord changes for Knights of Cydonia by Muse, starting right after the intro, at about 0:55 (the last stanza of chord changes has vocals over it)

Em G C G
B C Eb G
Cm G Ab Eb
G Ab Eb G

Cm Eb G# Eb
G G# B Eb
G# Eb E B
Eb E B Eb

G#m B E B
Eb E G B
Em B C G

Anyways, I was reading online about chord cycles and chord substitutions like Coltrane used in Giant Steps and Countdown etc. and the idea of shifting key centers by the interval of a major 3rd like Coltrane did. When I listen to Knights of Cydonia it really seems to me like the key seemlessly changes from E minor, to C minor, to G# minor, then finally back to E minor- down by major 3rds. Just wondering if anyone would consider this to be similar to Coltrane's method of shifting the key center by major 3rds? Even if it happens much slower in KoC than it does in Giant Steps...Or maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. I just started to grasp the structure of Giant Steps recently...